White pepper mill and things you need to know

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What exactly is white pepper mill?

White pepper mill is basically produced by black pepper with the outer skin removed as a raw material. After that, it will have to go through cleaning, drying and packaging processes.

Economic value of white pepper mill

White pepper mill has a great economic value and is one of the most important export commodities.

  • White pepper mills are utilized in medicine in many nations around the world. White pepper is crushed into a paste and used for healing in China. People in India utilize white pepper to treat ailments, strengthen the body after a fever, and prevent malaria recurrence.

  • White pepper mill is used as a spice in everyday food. It has the effect of warming the abdomen, relieving discomfort, anti-vomiting, stimulating digestion, activating the taste buds to make us feel good, stimulating the digestive system to work, and boosting the pancreas’ function.

  • Growing white pepper reduces unemployment and increases wages for workers. Because the pepper industry requires a large workforce, it produces jobs and helps to reduce unemployment. Furthermore, because the selling price of white pepper is so high, those who work in the industry earn a lot of money.

Top 3 suppliers of white pepper mill

The list below will save you time and effort to find a trustworthy and high-quality white pepper mill supplier.

PT. Nirwana Karya Abadi – Indonesian white pepper supplier

PT. Nirwana Karya Abadi is one of the leading companies in Indonesia which has 17 years of experience in specializing in providing white pepper all over the world with good quality and reasonable prices to the customers.


K-Agriculture – Vietnamese white pepper supplier

Being known as a 25- year experience exporter, K- Agriculture always offers high-quality white pepper with the verified origin, meeting international standards ISO, BRC, HACCP to many clients worldwide.


Vietnam pepper (PHL)

With a long history of exporting many types of pepper, including red pepper, white peppercorns, and black pepper with contemporary, closed, hygienic production facilities that produce many types of pepper with a distinct aroma. India, Korea, and Europe are the main export destinations for PHL Vietnam pepper…