Order process of K-Agriculture Factory

General information about K-Agriculture Factory

Before talking about order process of K-Agriculture, let's have a look at our history of development.

During 25 years of development, K-Agriculture Factory has gained many impressive achievements. Here is the timeline about us.

– Starting as a collector of rice, the distribution of the K-Agriculture Factory has been widened to 80 countries such as the USA, Dubai, China, etc. 

– Besides rice, K-Agriculture Factory also supplies Vietnamese coffee, cashew, pepper, and cinnamon with high quality.

– In 2020, K-Agriculture Factory parted with the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade to bring the finest Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market.

In the next 10 years, K-Agriculture Factory aims to be in the top 10 Agriculture Companies in Southeast Asia and in the top 100 Agriculture Experts in the world. 

The product line of K-Agriculture is wide, ranging from rice to coffee and spices.

– For wholesale rice, K-Agriculture Factory has ST rice, Jasmine rice, Japonica rice, OM5451, and IR504.

– For wholesale coffee, the company offers both Robusta and Arabica, with specialty and commercial products.

– For wholesale cashew, W180, W210, W240, W320, and W450 are provided by K-Agriculture Factory.

– For wholesale pepper, the company supplies black pepper, white pepper, and pepper powder.

– For wholesale cinnamon, K-Agriculture Factory has:

+ Tube Cinnamon 

+ Stick cinnamon

+ Cigarette cinnamon

+ Split cinnamon

+ Broken cinnamon

+ Cinnamon powder

+ Cinnamon oil

– Wholesale star anise includes whole and broken star anise.

The detailed order process of K-Agriculture Factory

To have an order with Vietnamese rice suppliers, the procedure is quite complicating. The order process of K-Agriculture Factory has 5 main steps.

– Step 1: The buyer sends a Letter of Intent, describing the requirements of products, prices, and payment terms. In the LOI, the buyer also provides basic information about his/her company.

– Step 2: K-Agriculture Factory will send an FCO based on the buyer’s requirements listed in the LOI. After that, both parties will discuss coming to the final FCO.

– Step 3: Prices and payment terms will be decided after the discussion between the buyer and the company. K-Agriculture always affirms to offer the best price along with the finest quality to the customers. After that, both parties will sign a contract to authorize the order.

– Step 4: Product preparation will take 2-4 weeks. When finished, it will be loaded on cargoes. The delivery will take 1-3 weeks. The buyers and K-Agriculture will keep track.

– Step 5: The buyer should check the products carefully and give feedback to K-Agriculture. If there is any problem, the company is willing to help. 

K-Agriculture is one of the best suppliers of Vietnamese rice, coffee, cashew, and spices. Having experience in distributing agricultural products to many destinations, the order process of K-Agriculture is easy, convenient, and professional.