Japonica rice is the best short-grain rice

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Japonica rice’s origin

Known as Japanese rice, japonica rice mainly grows in Asian counties such as Japan, China, and Korea. In Vietnam, Dong Thap and An Giang are the two major japonica rice-growing areas. 

Japonica rice was first cultivated in Central China, along the Yangtze River 6000 years ago.


Japonica rice characteristics

Japonica rice belongs to short-grain rice. The grain length is 2-3 times the width. Japonica rice grain is round and thick, with a bright white color. 

When cooked, japonica rice becomes sticky and moist because it contains a high content of amylopectin. As a result, japonica rice is suitable for Asian and Mediterranean dishes including sushi, risotto, and paella.

The nutrients of japonica rice are diverse. 45g of cooked japonica rice contains:

– 150 calories

– 33g carbohydrates

– 3g fiber

– 4g protein

Japonica rice’s health benefits

Thanks to its rich nutrition content, japonica rice has many good impacts on human health.

– Maintain good blood pressure: Japonica rice is definitely for customers who suffer from high blood pressure.

– Reduce cancer risk: With a considerable fiber content, japonica rice is useful for cancer prevention.

– Improve immune system: Fiber and protein in japonica rice are good for the human immune system. 


How to cook japonica rice perfectly

It is easy to cook japonica rice. You should pay attention to water ratio and cooking time to have a tasty bowl of japonica rice.

– Step 1: Wash japonica rice before cooking. Make sure that you soak the rice in 30 minutes and let it dry for further 30 minutes.

– Step 2: Boil rice with 390 ml of water. Then, lower the heat to simmer japonica rice for 15 minutes.

– Step 3: Steam rice for further 20 minutes.

– Step 4: The rice is ready to serve.


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