Cinnamon suppliers and things you should know

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Cinnamon suppliers: Typical products provided by cinnamon suppliers

There are 2 main types of cinnamon traded popularly in the market currently, which are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon.

  • Cassia cinnamon: This variety is mostly cultivated in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Indonesia. It is described to have a unique pungent and aromatic flavor, which can’t be detected in any other spices.
  • Ceylon cinnamon: The prestigious Ceylon cinnamon is almost exclusively grown in Sri Lanka. It is enjoyed all over the world thanks to the distinct mild and earthy taste.

Cinnamon suppliers: Main locations

Knowing the distributions of different cinnamon varieties is a must to any ambitious cinnamon traders

Cassia cinnamon suppliers

Cassia cinnamon is manufactured and distributed mostly by Indonesia, Vietnam and China. According to trustworthy statistics of OEC, in 2019, the biggest cinnamon exporter, mostly including Cassia cinnamon, was Vietnam, followed by China and Indonesia. Main consumer markets for this product are India and countries in the Middle East.

Ceylon cinnamon suppliers

Sri Lanka is the main supplier for Ceylon cinnamon. Besides, Ceylon cinnamon is also cultivated in India on a large scale. Main consumer markets for Ceylon cinnamon are the US, the EU, especially Mexico.

Cinnamon suppliers: Road to approach them

There are 2 things you need to notice before really digging into this field.

  • Trustworthy cinnamon suppliers: having clear company profiles, etc.
  • Scamming cinnamon suppliers: vague cinnamon profiles, low price offering.

Cinnamon suppliers: Recommended companies


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