Basmati rice in bulk and everything to know before investing

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Basmati rice in bulk: An overview

Basmati rice is a type of the fragrant rice variety from the Indian subcontinent. Basmati rice has the pandan leaves fragrance that makes it unique.

The popular basmati rice in bulk from India are Basmati 370, the R.S. Pura Basmati, and Basmati 385 while Pakistan exports D-98, PK 385, and Super Kernel Basmati Rice. Pakistan usually provides more reasonable rice than India.

Basmati rice in bulk: The market dominated by India and Pakistan

In 2019. 85% of basmati exports were from India, equivalent to 7.2 million tonnes while Pakistan has exported 2.7 million tonnes of basmati rice in bulk. 

There are 3 reasons behind the domination of India and Pakistan:

  • Basmati rice is originated from these countries

  • India and Pakistan have wide basmati growing areas and a large rice production capacity

  • The government establishes supporting policies for the development of basmati rice in bulk

Basmati rice in bulk: Factors affecting the export

There are certain factors affecting the export of Basmati rice wholesale.

Basmati rice production

The supply chains of basmati rice in bulk depend on the total rice production. Pakistan’s basmati rice production was only 2.4 million tons in 2011-12, leading to a decrease in rice exports. 

  • Bad weather

The late rainy season and droughts in some of the main basmati rice-growing areas in India have decreased the growing area.

  • Shrinking growing area 

Over the last few years, the area under basmati rice cultivation in Pakistan has decreased by nearly 30%, to just 1 million ha.

Demand for basmati rice 

The consumption market of basmati rice in bulk varies from the Americas, the Middle East to Europe with a large number of imports. 

  • Iraq bought nearly 3 million tonnes of basmati rice in bulk, while 2.5 million tonnes were distributed to Saudi Arabia. 

  • The EU market is also very promising when importing 450 thousand tons of basmati rice in bulk annually.


The limited infrastructure of the Kakinada Anchorage port in India has impeded delivery of basmati rice in bulk. Therefore, the cost of rice transportation by container increased, forcing customers to find other exporters even though the FOB price of basmati rice in bulk is 100 USD lower.

Supporting policies

Exporting basmati rice in bulk from India and Pakistan to other countries will be affected intermediately by governmental regulations.

Top 3 leading exporters of basmati rice in bulk

Here is a list of the top 3 reliable basmati rice exporters from  India and Pakistan.

Taj Mahal suppliers of basmati rice in bulk

Taj Mahal is an exporter of bulk basmati rice from India. They have more than 60 years of exporting rice to more than 45 different countries.

HAS Rice Pakistan supplier of basmati rice in bulk

HAS Rice Pakistan was founded in 1969. The company recently developed into a leading supplier of basmati rice in Pakistan.

Bismillah Sehla Processing Plant supplier of basmati rice in bulk

Bismillah Sehla Processing Plant is one of the top basmati rice in bulk suppliers from Pakistan. Bismillah Sehla Processing Plant provides 1121 Basmati Rice, PK-386 Rice, and SUPER BASMATI Rice.