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Top 5 Most Reputable Hair Vendors In China 2024

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If you are interested in the Chinese hair market, you cannot ignore the important information about the top 5 best hair vendors in China in this article.

China is the leading market for hair extensions today, famous for its abundant hair sources and competitive prices. If you are interested in this market and want to find reputable hair vendors in China, you cannot miss this article.

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Overview of hair vendors in China

Before learning about reputable hair suppliers in China, let’s learn important information about this hair market.

Where hair vendors in China source their hair

Although China is a large and densely populated country, natural hair sources are increasingly scarce, so many hair vendors in China have to import hair from other countries in the region such as Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Burma. Most of the hair that hair vendors in China import is Indian non-remy hair of quite poor quality and extremely cheap price.

Hair quality supplied by hair vendors in China

Due to importing hair from many different sources, the quality of hair that hair vendors in China provide will also vary. Thanks to modern production technology, most hair products in China have a very shiny appearance, but the long-term quality is still controversial.

Many hair manufacturers in China use low quality Indian hairballs or mix synthetic fibers with human hair, which can affect the appearance and durability of hair extensions. Meanwhile, a few trusted vendors use 100% human hair that has intensive selection and processing to guarantee the highest caliber.

However, because many Chinese hair factories utilize chemicals to produce hair that might be hazardous to users’ health, the quality of hair supplied by these providers is still a contentious subject. In addition, the chemicals cause the hair to tangle and shed more easily, causing the hair to degrade quickly after a period of use.

The quality of Chinese hair varies greatly due to the variety of hair sources

The quality of Chinese hair varies greatly due to the variety of hair sources

Price of hair supplied by hair vendors in China

One of the biggest advantages of buying hair extensions from hair vendors in China is that they offer quite cheap prices compared to the market. This is because they have abundant labor resources and cheap labor costs. They also often import low-quality hair sources to reproduce, so in general production costs are not high. This attracts many customers around the world, especially wholesalers looking for abundant hair sources at affordable prices.

Top 5 best hair vendors in China

Let’s find out the top 5 most reputable hair vendors in China today

Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is recognized by many customers in both the Chinese hair market and the world market as one of the most reputable hair vendors today.

  • Vin Hair commits that all hair extension products are 100% raw virgin hair of the highest quality today. Hair has a natural shine, good elasticity, no chemical smell, no tangles or breakage and an impressive hair lifespan of 3 to 5 years.
  • This hair supplier offers all hair products today from bulk hair, weft hair, hair extensions, and even wigs for both men and women. They have over 30 hair textures and a hair color palette of over 100 colors.
  • Their hair price is extremely affordable, from only $8.8 for a natural color, natural texture bulk hair 100g 8-inch. They also have many attractive promotions and discounts available for wholesale customers.
  • Vin Hair’s consulting staff has received many compliments thanks to their extensive knowledge and dedicated advice. Clear purchasing policies with transparent payment and fast shipping are also their big advantages.

If you are looking for a great buying hair extension experience, Vin Hair is the top choice you should consider.

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Main products of Vin Hair Vendor

Main products of Vin Hair Vendor

UNice Hair

UNice Hair is a top hair vendor in China, with over 10 years of experience in providing premium quality hair extensions and wigs.

  • UNice provides a large selection of hair extensions to meet all needs. Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian hair are among the textures and lengths in their product line.
  • To make sure their customers are satisfied with their purchases, they provide a 30-day return policy and offer top-notch customer support.
  • To ensure the best hair quality, every hair product is meticulously examined before being dispatched to a client. Their customers only receive the highest quality hair extensions thanks to their attention to detail.

UNice Hair continuously strives to build a leading reputation in the Chinese hair market.

Some outstanding wig products from UNice Hair

Some outstanding wig products from UNice Hair

Guangzhou Kabeilu

One of the largest Chinese hair sellers, Guangzhou Kabeilu has been manufacturing and providing high-quality hair extensions for about 13 years.

  • Products: Their hair types are Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair. Some main products are hair bundles, closures, frontal, and wigs
  • Price: They offer quite affordable prices compared to the Chinese hair market. $83.70 for 3 pieces of 10-inch Brazilian Straight Human Hair Extensions.
  • Service: Refunds and returns are allowed within seven days of delivery.

Kabeilu Hair Factory is the ideal choice if you’re newly seeking China hair vendors for your established hair business.

Ted Hair 

Ted Hair was established in 2008, is one of the reputable hair suppliers loved by many customers in the Chinese hair market.

  • Products: This Chinese hair vendor specializes in virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, closures, and wigs.
  • Ted Hair boasts a high production capacity that makes it one of the most competitively priced hair distributors in China. Three bundles of 10-inch virgin hair straight cost $99.
  • Service: They stand out for having quite fast shipping times with many different shipping methods, returns and refunds are accepted within 7 days.

Ted Hair is a great choice if you want to get hair extensions from a hair vendor in China.

Ted Hair offers many promotional offers to customers

Ted Hair offers many promotional offers to customers

Nadula Hair

One of the greatest hair suppliers in China is Nadula Hair. The natural look, sophistication, and long-lasting quality of Nadula’s hair extensions are widely recognized.

  • Their primary products include wigs, HD lace wigs, V part wigs, hair weaves, bundles, and closures.
  • Although the hair price is quite high, they are committed to providing adequate quality, 3 bundles of raw hair 8-inch cost from $64.50.
  • Within 30 days following the delivery of the merchandise, returns, and exchanges are accepted.

Don’t pass by Nadula Hair if you’re searching for one of the best hair vendors in China with an enormous assortment of excellent products.


The Chinese hair industry is expanding rapidly and is now the nation with the largest number of hair providers in the market due to the strong demand for hair extensions both domestically and abroad. To find the most satisfactory source in this market, thoroughly review the details in this article and the list of the top 5 best hair vendors in China today.

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