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Vietnam black pepper as a high-profitable spice

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Unique features of VIetnam black pepper

Tables below show unique features and standard quality of Vietnam black pepper.

Criteria Required specifications Processed pepper
Black pepper NP or SP
Special grade Grade 1 Grade 2  Grade 3
Extraneous matter, no more than (%) 0,2 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,2
Light berry, no more than (%) 2 6 10 18 2,0
Pinhead and broken berry, no more than (%) 2,0 2,0 4,0 4,0 1,0
G/L, no less than 600 550 500 450 600


The following table illustrates the chemical specification of black pepper:

Criteria Required specifications
Black pepper NP or SP Processed black pepper Ground pepper
Density, no more than 13,0 12,5 12,5
Dried ashes, no more than (%) 7,0 6,0 6,0
Dried non-volatile ether extract, no less than (%) 6,0 6,0 6,0
Evaporation, no less than (%) 2,0 2,0 1,0
Piperine, no less than (%) 4,0 4,0 4,0
Insoluble ash in acids, no more than (%) x x 1,2
Raw coarse, no more than x x 17,5

Top production locations of Vietnam black pepper

Top biggest production locations of Vietnam black pepper will be listed below:

Province 2018 (ha) 2019 (ha)
Dak Lak 38,616 36,396
Dak Nong 34,113 32,286
Dong Nai 19,022 18,191
Binh Phuoc 17,178 16,216
Ba Ria – Vung Tau 13,161 13,161
Gia Lai 16,278 10,731
Others 11,487 13,019
Total 149,855 140,000

Having such large cultivating areas of black pepper, the production of Vietnam black pepper is always abundant.

Top list of 3 Vietnam black pepper suppliers

Companies in the list below are carefully selected among hundreds of pepper suppliers in Vietnam


Hanfimex is regarded as one of the best agricultural exporting companies in the world, with over 17 years of experience and a prestigious client base. The company is a reputable customer network that is trusted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Pepper, cashew, cinnamon, coffee and coconut are key products of the company.


Being supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Industry, the quality of K-Agriculture’s product is firmly guaranteed.

Key products of the company are black pepper, white pepper and ground pepper, which can be traded in bulk to overseas customers.

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