Arabica Honey Coffee and reasons to choose

Brief about Arabica Honey Coffee

Arabica Honey Coffees are coffee beans that are processed by the honey processing method with the aim of enhancing the sweetness of the coffee beans.

Origin of Arabica Honey Coffee

Vietnamese Arabica beans are not endemic to the country. The French brought them to Vietnam a decade ago. Only Cau Dat – Lam Dong, a region noted for its exceptional agricultural features and also the birthplace of our Arabica coffee beans, produces the best Arabica Honey coffee beans in Vietnam.

Arabica Honey Coffee product detail

Details Arabica Honey Cau Dat
Place of origin Cau Dat – Da Lat – Viet Nam
Grade G1, S16-18
Elevation 1550 – 1700m
Moisture 11,5% – 12,5%
Ripe Harvest 100%
Method Honey Pulp
Impurities 0,1%

Arabica Honey Coffee characteristics and competitive advantages 

Arabica Honey Coffee has distinct characteristics that both many coffee fanatics and wholesale coffee buyers prefer to choose.

Arabica Honey Coffee special characteristics

The particular honey processing technology, or more accurately, the retention of viscosity (containing 8-12 percent sugar) to soak into the Arabica beans, gives this strain of Arabica honey coffee beans a unique flavor.

Arabica honey has a distinct flavor that distinguishes it from other varieties.

Arabica Honey Coffee competitive advantages 

  • Trustworthiness

Our company has been in the agricultural business for over 20 years. In addition, we are now collaborating with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Department on behalf of the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • Reasonable price

Because of our agricultural and industrial networks, our products’ costs can remain competitive when compared to those of comparable quality.

  • Economic environment

The current state of the Vietnamese economy is now much more accessible to foreign investment from a variety of companies and countries. VIETRADE, on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, assists you, our customers, in approving their applications, making our shipment, payment, and other operations as simple as possible.

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